Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taxi Service - How Is The Solution?

I ve been write in many times regarding taxi service in Kuala Lumpur based on my personal experience and my friends Hawari, Anuar and all Public Cab,Supercab and Airport Limo.

There are room to improve the service. Here are a few things that i highlight during my observation.
1. The communication between 3 parties who arrange reservation,despatching,pick up and drop off are in mess.Customer are no where to find taxi during peak hour. That is normal occation for taxi seervice in Kuala Lumpur. If this communication is improved there are lot of hurdle can be pass trough.

2.The fare doesn't reflect the reality. It's insufficient to cover wages, maintenance taxi and paying rental itself. It's under the authority to review the fare. It's no point to make it lower but the service unavailable. Let face the reality who exactly the user. How the user benefitted the service. That more important.

3.Set up an independence body to issue permit, review the fare, evaluate the standard of service and the company who run the fleet. It to maintain the standard of database of customer, number of permits issued, regulate the fare, fleet rule and standard of driver.

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