Saturday, March 29, 2008

Electing your Council Leader in your Home Community21/04/2007 IProperty By National House Buyers Association
The concept of a management body should be fairly clear to a Management Corporations' Council' members or even many long-time strata property owners. For non-involved owners and residents - especially first-time owners - this form of common-interest 'governance' can be perplexing and, at times, bewildering., what with the many parties (developers, managing agent, management council, other buyers) involved as well as with the legal duties of each party. Those who have never lived in an owners' corporation (condo, apartments, townhouses, gated communities) often do not understand the necessity of service charges, sinking fund, rules and volunteering to sit in the management council. For them, the 'management' may be perceived as little more than a nebulous entity that expects prompt payment on monthly invoices. This lack of understanding can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding with the general perception that condo living is 'hard'. Required by lawCall it by whatever name, Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC), Residents Association, they are all basically a community association of property owners looking out for their best interest. In the first two, it is a requirement by law for strata titled property under the Strata Titles Act, 1985 and the new Building and Common Property (Management and Maintenance) Act, 2007 ('BCP'), whereas Residents' Association are voluntary organizations registered as a society. The new BCP Act now allows the formation of a joint management body from the start and owners do not have to wait till the first annual general meeting called by the developer to have a say in how their investment is managed and maintained. Very often, only a small percentage of owners in condominiums or other types of strata titled development take interest in how their properties are managed. This leaves the handful of volunteers burned out after years of volunteering their services. There are also some who are interested but do not have the knowledge or skill to sit in the decision making council. Challenging dutiesIn the BCP, the joint management committee representing the purchasers' should number at a minimum 5 purchasers, maximum 12. Whereas, in the Strata Titles Act, the Management Council should consist of, a minimum of 3 parcel owners, maximum 14. Although these are voluntary positions, it has to be taken seriously because it involves people and their investments. Most owners' corporations are headed by a leader who might also be the chairman at meetings. Strong leadership is an essential component of every successful owners' corporation. Very often, those who speak the loudest at meetings are elected which may not be sufficient for the long term. A good leader can make a difference for an owners' corporation spirit. By considering the strength and qualities it takes to succeed, selecting your leader can in a very real way, lead to a more productive and happy community. Here are some tips on how to choose the leader of your home community. "A manager does things the right way and a leader does the right thing." A leader is someone who not only recognizes the "right thing," but who can also motivate others to help him get the right thing done. Strong leaders should have skills, knowledge, and experience plus the abilities to motivate and command. How do you recognise who has this special combination of insight and inspiration? There are personal characteristics that point to strong leadership style. Look for people who display these particular abilities:
Ability to take criticism - No one in a position of power will escape criticism. Leaders have the ability to discern when criticism is valid and when it is not.
An open mind - A leader must be able to approach a problem creatively. Perspective is an invaluable leadership tool. A council/committee that is afraid of change will stagnate.
Communicate well - Explains, persuades and praises. Some volunteers are not particularly articulate, yet are valuable and productive. Leaders should be able to express ideas clearly and persuasively.
Decisiveness - Taking a stand involves making mistakes. A good leader takes a stand and if an error is made, acknowledges it and makes a course correction.
Enthusiasm - Enthusiasm is contagious. With it, council members are motivated to keep volunteering. Without it, voluntary work becomes a burden.
Leads by example and promotes teamwork - Arrives on time, never shirks responsibilities and demonstrates good work habits. Instills cooperation among volunteers, making it easy for them to pitch in together. Pitches in along side others and not just issue orders for others to follow-up.
Listens to others - Source for and uses other's ideas and gives credit when credit's due.
Problem solving skill - Uses knowledge and experience to help get the job done.
Sensitivity - A genuinely caring leader inspires confidence in others. Confidence leads to results. Leaders delegate, give and seek constructive feedback. A leader knows how and when to give praise. Praise is the simplest and often the most valued form of reward. A leader knows how to criticize constructively: pointing out what is wrong without attacking personalities. A good leader seeks opinions and ideas from others.
Sound judgment - Has the ability to identify and prioritize issues. A good leader then weighs alternatives carefully before making decisions.
Takes responsibility - Never blames others for problems.
Vision - A strong leader understands and promotes the community's best interests. Leaders set goals, communicate what's needed to achieve them and then move toward them.
Here are some tips to consider when electing the leaders of your owners' corporation:
A leader should understand the functions of the owners' corporation and be familiar with significant historical events of the community. Newcomers frequently make good volunteers. However, there are some situations which call for someone possessing a historical perspective. For example, if the corporation is in the midst of a sensitive litigation or a new management contract, a newcomer might detract by insisting on covering old ground again.
How much interest has the candidate shown in the community and its undertakings? Has there been regular meeting attendance and participation in activities? If not, investigate the sudden interest. Be particularly careful about "one-issue" candidates who volunteers because they dislike a certain contractor or are opposed to a recent service charges increase.
A candidate should not have conflicting personal and professional commitments. For example, a high public profile candidate may have numerous commitments that mean infrequent participation.
If all the above sounds to you like a mini-government, it is in fact one. If you own a property with common property, you automatically become a member, like it or not. Over time, we have noticed that home owners can be categorized into three groups; those who make things happen, those who wait for things to happen and those who asked what happened. Which group do you belong to? Choose your leaders well and prosper or wait for the next election at the annual general meeting and run for council member post.
Saturday March 29, 2008
Free water from June 1
SHAH ALAM: Domestic consumers in Selangor who are using individual meters will start enjoying free usage of water for the first 20 cu m from June 1.

Those whose supply is linked to bulk meters – including flat, apartment and condominium dwellers – will not enjoy the free water just yet.

Water distribution concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) has been working to provide individual meters to those living in flats, apartments and condominiums but the process has been slow, as all the owners in a particular scheme would have to agree to the change before it can be implemented.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said in a statement yesterday that the state government had studied the proposal to provide the free water and had worked out a formula that would benefit the people, the state and the environment.

He said the study found that the state government could for now provide free water to households with individual meters.

The decision, he said, was to lessen the burden of the people, especially those in the lower income group.

“But consumers should use water wisely and responsibly to avoid wastage that will affect efforts to conserve the state’s water resources,” he added.

He said the state government would also soon diversify raw water sources as part of a move to conserve the state’s own resources.

Selangor has run out of rivers to tap for drinking water and has been working on an inter-state water transfer project with Pahang to ensure adequate supply in the future.

Syabas declined comment on the free water offer.

Meanwhile, the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) said in a statement that it had studied the Sungei Sireh Water Treatment Plant operation and maintenance agreement and “requires further information before arriving at a decision as to whether it is in compliance with the Water Services Industry Act 2006”.

The statement added that SPAN had received several agreements from Puncak Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd including the Sungei Sireh agreement.

The Sungei Sireh agreement was signed by the State Secretary on behalf of the Selangor State Government and Puncak Niaga on March 7, the statement said.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sesuatu yang baru dalam dunia canggih sekarang. Sungguh praktikal, jadi jika anda bertembung dengan empunya motorsikal ini harap beri LALUAN.

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul pada 20hb Mac 2008, selepas Maghrib.
ceramah oleh Ustaz Rashid.
Selawat dan Marhaban memuji Nabi.
Jamuan makan.
Majlis Aqiqah, Marhaban dan Berendoi yang diadakan pada 15hb Mac 2008 mendapat sambutan hangat dari penduduk setempat. Majlis diadakan untuk meraikan kelahiran anak En Riduan, En Mazlan, En Nazrul dan En Zaini. Bermula dengan sembelihan lembu, memasak dan seterusnya hidangan makanan. Jemputan kumpulan marhaban An Nur, Kuala Kubu Bharu memeriahkan lagi majlis Marhaban ini.
Riduan sedang mencuci daging.
Hawari ketua memasak pada setiap majlis.
Gubahan indah pada buaian.
Menyambut tetamu yang hadir.
Bacaan Marhaban.
Menggunting jambul.
Berendoi dan Syair Siti Zubaidah.
Pn Umi Kalsum, Pn Wati bersama anak di buaina.
Gubahan kelapa tempat rambut digunting.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hi semua....
Ketika saya di kampung, sambil minum teh tarik. Restoran Hj Husin, Sg Dulang, Bagan Datok, Perak.
Konsep perniagaan terkini.Anda boleh bertanya saya kenapa konsep ini diperkenalkan di tempat ini.
Produk nilai tambah..Pantun..dan kalau anda perasan tentang waktu tutup kedai, pukul pittu (tujuh dalam bahasa jawa) senyum....
Cuba dengar ayat terakhir tu, TANGGUNG JAWAB....siapakah yang sanggup memikul tanggung jawab ini, apakah Tok Mun? atau ANDA.. Fikirkan lah dari sudut hati anda..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pada 11hb Mac 2008, Selasa KRT Buginvilla telah mengadakan program khemah ibadah dan jati diri untuk anak-anak yang tinggal di Buginvilla.

Sessi pendaftaran
Memeriksa kumpulan.
Melompat keriangan
Tapak khemah.
Minuman petang
Cabaran melanda, hujan lebat.
En Mazlan, Jati Diri.
Erat bersatu
makan malam
Khemah di tapak baru.
En Zainal,displin dan motivasi
Pn Umi Kalsum, kekeluargaan.
Semangat kekeluargaan.
En Zulkhairi, permainan.
Masa untuk tidur.
Kuliah Subuh oleh Imam Azmi.
Oppppss masih tidur....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

suasana di kampung

Majlis taklimat dan dialog mengenai akta 663 yang diadakan pada 1hb Mac 2008, telah mendapat sambutan ramai. Keseluruhan apartmen dalam Taman Bunga Raya telah menghadiri taklimat ini.